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The more you know the less you know…

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Prasthambh Srivastava

Hey there, I am Prasthambh young 16-year-old entrepreneur, Yes!! 16-year-old. The market never asks about your age, nationality, religion, etc. The only thing market asks is about a product. I am passionate about technology, The global financial system/market, and photography. My goal is to become the world’s best and leading economist. On my website or I like to call it my play zone, you will find three types of journal technology, financial/economic, and photography. I hope my play zone increases the knowledge of yours. 

My philosophy is

” The more you know the less you know”

Knowledge Center

How can Microfinance revive an economy?

What is a microfinance? Microloans/ finance are a type of loans that are provisioned to low-income groups of individuals Microloans assist communities of the economically excluded to achieve a greater level of asset creation and income security at the household and...

What is FATF?

History of FATF The Financial Action Task Force [FATF] is a global intergovernmental organization that was established by the G-7 summit in Paris, France in 1989. The G-7 members created this organization in response to money laundering, terror financing and to...