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The more you know the less you know…

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Prasthambh Srivastava

Hey there, I am Prasthambh young 16-year-old entrepreneur, Yes!! 16-year-old. The market never asks about your age, nationality, religion, etc. The only thing market asks is about a product. I am passionate about technology, The global financial system/market, and photography. My goal is to become the world’s best and leading economist. On my website or I like to call it my play zone, you will find three types of journal technology, financial/economic, and photography. I hope my play zone increases the knowledge of yours. 

My philosophy is

” The more you know the less you know”

Knowledge Center

Predicting stock market crash

What is a stock market? The stock market refers to a network of exchanges. The stock market is the placewhere regular activities of buying and selling publicly listed company shares takeplace.In India, the prime stock exchanges are the National Stock Exchange (NSE)...

How can Microfinance revive an economy?

What is a microfinance? Microloans/ finance are a type of loans that are provisioned to low-income groups of individuals Microloans assist communities of the economically excluded to achieve a greater level of asset creation and income security at the household and...

What is FATF?

History of FATF The Financial Action Task Force [FATF] is a global intergovernmental organization that was established by the G-7 summit in Paris, France in 1989. The G-7 members created this organization in response to money laundering, terror financing and to...